Next year could see the launch of steer-by-wire in Nissan’s upcoming vehicles, the tech works by replacing the common mechanical steering column with a computerised unit that sends signals to the wheels of the car to change the direction they face.

This tech already exists in aeroplanes and they say it should add a few advantages to cars “For example, even on a road surface with minor ridges or furrows, the driver no longer has to grip the steering wheel tightly and make detailed adjustments, so travelling on the intended path becomes easier.” –Nissan.

Other benefits include reducing the overall weight of the vehicle (which decreases fuel consumption), the ability to put the steering wheel anywhere in the car (in the future you might be able to drive from the back seat), Nissan are also looking into using this tech for assisted steering (helping you keep in lane during cross winds) and in the future, driverless cars.

We think this tech is pretty cool and reading up on this we think it might be possible to control your car with an App on your phone… But that might be a while off yet.