You may have noticed over the last few weeks/months that when you have gone to fill up your vehicle, you are getting a lot more fuel for your money!

RAC Fuel Watch has said that petrol has plummeted to its lowest price in six years (£1.12 per litre) and diesel has dropped considerably to £1.10.

This is due to a dip in the price of oil. In the run up to august oil was a consistent $60(£40) a barrel but dipped below $50(£33) and stayed below that mark for the whole month reaching a low of $41.87(£27) on 24 August. As it stands today the price has gone back up to around $50(£33).

This can only be a good thing for motorists at the moment, hopefully the fall in oil prices stick for a while and we can enjoy cheaper fuel for a time.

Source: BBC