COVID-19 – Coronavirus


In line with the current issues regarding the spread of COVID-19 within the UK Auto Logistic Solutions Ltd have proactively implemented the following procedures and short term changes to our business to assist in combating the spread of this virus.

Vehicle Delivery/Collection:
When our drivers first meet with clients, they will not shake hands. It may also be necessary depending on the levels of infection for our drivers to wear protective nose and mouth masks. Drivers are also being issued with gloves, hand gel and antibacterial wipes.

We ask clients to please not be offended by this but to understand that it’s a responsible attempt to halt any potential transmission of the virus and to ensure that Auto Logistic Solutions Ltd is able to continue providing all our clients with the same efficient and swift service they are used to.

As of 12 March 2020, our delivery drivers have been told to ensure that upon delivery and collection of a hire vehicle, all surfaces within the vehicle are cleaned using antibacterial wipes.

If you become aware that you or a family member has been directed to self-isolate, please contact the office immediately on 0800 009 3296 to allow us to make necessary provision upon delivery or collection of the vehicle.

If you are self-isolating, we may need to arrange suspension of hire until you are able to return to work. This decision will be made in accordance with the hirer’s situation and only to assist in their legal obligation to mitigate losses.

ALS Head Office & Delivery Depots:
To minimise the risk of infection within our office-based teams, all non-essential meetings/customer visits at these locations have been cancelled until further notice.

Our team will continue with offsite meetings at their own discretion, subject to government advice and their own health demands. During this period, meetings may be cancelled at short notice and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

All staff have been issued with a set of guidelines for their own personal health and as a company we proactively monitoring the health and well being of all our employees.

As part of our business contingency plan, our staff have the ability to work remotely from home should quarantine conditions be recommended. Whilst we are optimistic that this will not be required, we are confident that our service will continue with only minor interruptions in this event.

We’re monitoring the current situation on a daily basis using Government issued information.

Please be assured that ALS will do all we can to protect our clients, employees during this time.


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