ALS calls for motor industry to incentivise use of E10 Fuel


Auto Logistic Solutions (ALS), an incident management company, has responded to the Government’s consultation to introduce E10 petrol and called for the motor industry to incentivise its use.

In an announcement released on 4 March, the Government states the use of this lower carbon fuel has the potential to cut CO2 from transport by 750,000 tonnes per year. Enabling petrol cars and motorbikes to consume a cleaner fuel would be the equivalent to 350,000 cars coming off the road.

Kyle Harris, managing director at Auto Logistic Solutions, said: “We are at a critical point in the UK where drastic improvements need to be made to vehicle emissions. Since the majority of drivers still have fully functioning petrol cars, not everyone is in a position to invest in an electric vehicle yet. The introduction of E10 fuel would enable consumers and business drivers to significantly reduce their carbon footprint, without having to scrap their current vehicle.

We are calling for the motor insurance industry to implement incentives into their policies and encourage drivers to use E10 fuel. By offering a reduced premium, drivers will be incentivised to opt for the lower octane fuel and positively reduce carbon emissions.

Where older vehicles are not compatible with the new low carbon fuel, it would be beneficial to provide an incentive to drivers and make it financially viable to scrap their older car.”

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