Over the last few months we have come across quite a few strange vehicles whilst browsing the internet. These are our top 11.

1. Orange Cat Car.

Not everyone’s cup of tea, but someone must have taken a lot of time modifying this Chrysler PT Cruiser.

1oc - 11 Strange Vehicles


2. Lobster Car.

This giant crustacean is a promotional vehicle from Boston Lobster Feast in Orlando, Florida.

2lob - 11 Strange Vehicles


3. Red Bull Car.

These are quite common in the UK but still I thought they are worth a mention. I have also been told that the Red Bull can on the back is actually a fridge, I’m not sure if this is true though…

3red - 11 Strange Vehicles


4. Cat Bus.

This unique vehicle is modelled on the Cat Bus from Studio Ghibli’s, My Neighbor Totoro.

4catbus - 11 Strange Vehicles


5. The Bat Cart.

If you have given up hope of ever owning a Tumbler Bat Mobile, you may be able to afford the Tumbler Bat Cart.

5batcart - 11 Strange Vehicles


6. Pikachu Car.

Modelled on Pikachu from the Japanese Cartoon, Pokémon.

6pik - 11 Strange Vehicles


7. Shoe Mobile.

It’s a fact that women can’t live without shoes, but could they live without this vehicle?

7shoe - 11 Strange Vehicles

8. Star Wars X-Wing, minus the wings car.

I don’t know about you, but a rear mirror full of R2-D2 every day would get annoying.

8starwars - 11 Strange Vehicles


9. The Turtle Wagon.

I wonder if it comes with Pizza..?

9turtles - 11 Strange Vehicles


10. Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

Shaped like a hot dog on a bun, used to promote and advertise Oscar Mayer products in the United States.

10hotdog - 11 Strange Vehicles


11. Ermmm this…

This car face, fire thing is an advertisement vehicle for Erebus Hounted House in Pontiac Michigan

11haunt - 11 Strange Vehicles